Pressurisation Units

Pressurisation Unit maintenance from Pressure Teknix.

Pressurisation units fill and maintain the pressure in heating or cooling system.

They do this in various ways, older units may use pressure switches, a pump and a pressure reducing valve. Later units are usually electronically controlled.  Large pressurisation units often work on the fill and spill principle.  Normally a pressurisation unit will sit there quietly in the corner getting on with its job, you will not notice it is there until it goes wrong and then you are in trouble.  A pressurisation unit will generally bring whatever attached system to a stop if there is a problem with the system pressure.  It is wise to get them serviced on a regular basis so that any problems can be picked up and rectified before it causes a system shut down.  Many insurance companies require regular maintenance is carried out by competent persons. 

With years of experience Pressure Teknix are familiar with most makes and model of pressurisation unit. We carry out works from basic maintenance to breakdown visits and installations.

Our own wide range of replacement pressurisation units offer both top specifications and value for money.

Pressurisation Units

An old Smedegaard unit unit we recently serviced.

What can go wrong?

  • On old units seized pumps can often be a problem. Pumps normally seize up due to inactivity. Often a seized pump can be freed off and live to see another day. Sadly though a new pump could be required.
  • Pressure Reducing Valves often stick through inactivity. Blocked filters can be a problem, this can be a sign of poor maintenance.
  • Expansion Vessels often cause trouble. Sometimes when your system has gone out on a high pressure alarm the expansion vessel will be at fault.  A usual problem can be incorrect pre-charge pressure, caused by a failed diaphragm, leaking schrader valve or lack of maintenance.
  • Pressure Sensors and Electronic Controllers are usually pretty good but still need regular inspection to maintain reliability.

Maintenance for Pressurisation Units

Good maintenance is the key to reliability.  We thoroughly check all aspects of a pressurisation unit on our service visits.

  • Pressure Teknix engineers drain Expansion Vessels and then we check their diaphragms for soundness. Pre-charge adjusted as necessary.
  • Non return valves and isolating valves exercised and tested.
  • Pumps tested and run. Where possible engineers check the pump running current. If possible we free off seized pumps while doing routine maintenance. 
  • Break tank cleaned and descaled.
  • Float switches cleaned and tested.
  • Float valve tested for correct operation.
  • Pressure Reducing Valves/Spill Valves checked for correct operation and filters cleaned.
  • Pressure Switches and Controls tested and re-adjusted as necessary.
  • Our engineers check Electrical connections for security and condition.

Pressurisation Units Spare Parts 

Please note we do not fit spare parts on maintenance visits without first getting permission from you the customer.  Large or expensive non stock items will usually require a revisit. If you book a service knowing you have a fault please tell us so we can carry out any extra work required within one service visit.  Photographs and unit/pump details are also helpful to us as we will have more an idea what we are dealing with.

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