Cold Water Booster PumpsWhat do cold water booster pumps do?

Cold water booster pumps maintain the flow and pressure to a building ensuring that it can operate all day, every day. They are often used to protect the cold water main from contamination (Cat 5).

Most cold water booster pumps these days, are controlled electronically, there are however plenty of pressure switch controlled units about.

What goes wrong?

  • Variable speed drives. If you have a booster set with one or more faulty variable speed drives then it’s time to give us a call.  It is even more important on twin pump units and small single phase units.  Single phase pumps still, believe it or not use three phase motors. If you only have a single phase supply, there is no safe alternative way of operating your pumps other than with a new variable speed drive. There are so many different types of variable speed drive and therefore ordered on an individual basis.
  • Pressure switches and duty changeover relays fail. We carry these as stock items on all our vans.
  • Non Return Valves. These can cause all sorts of problems including higher than normal water temperatures in water storage tanks leading to poor water quality.  Hot water coming out of cold taps, pump cavitation in turn leading to mechanical seal failure,  low system pressure and over voltage faults on variable speed drives.
  • Hydraulic Accumulators either waterlogged due to neglect, a ruptured diaphragm or a leaking schrader valve can replicate all the symptoms of a faulty non return valve. They may also damage pressure sensors and system pipework as part of their job is to smooth out the pressure generated by the pumps.  We carry 18 litre and 8 litre hydraulic accumulators on our vans.
  • Mechanical seals. These can leak with age, contamination or because of some of the faults previously listed.  Although many people will ignore a small seal leak they can go on to cause other problems such as motor bearing failure.  A failed seal can also damage the pump shaft and corrode the pump body.

Maintenance of cold water booster pumpsCold water booster pumps

Prevention really is better than cure.  Our service programme ensures that your equipments maintains optimum levels.  Once finished, a full test carried out. Pessure Teknix engineers look inside the break tank and may recommend it be cleaned and disinfected.

  • Pumps checked for leaks.
  • Fixed speed pumps motor run current checked. Capacitors on single phase pumps checked.
  • Motors checked for noisy bearings.
  • Non return valves fully tested.
  • Variable speed drives checked.
  • Hydraulic Accumulators drained and recharged.
  • Pressure Switches, Low Level Float Switches and other controls checked.
  • Electrical connections checked for condition and security.
  • Pressure Reducing Valves checked for correct operation.
  • General condition of pipework checked.

Please note we do not fit spare parts on maintenance visits without first getting permission from you the customer.  Large or expensive non stock items may require a revisit. A quote will be issued for any remedial works.  If you have a fault please let us know prior to our visit.  Photographs and unit/pump details are also really helpful.

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